Why is Spain such as child-friendly holiday destination


We love talking to customers and developing relationships. One of the questions we often ask is what makes their trips memorable.
Those who travel with children invariably mention stories about how friendly (or unfriendly) the people providing services were with their children.

I don’t know about you, but the milestones of my childhood are the trips that I did with my family.
As we all know, traveling can be stressful, but from all the things to worry about, kids are perhaps the biggest part, for there is a natural sensitivity around the children we love.

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Dads and Moms out there, do you remember before you had children when you traveled on an airplane next to a baby that didn’t enjoy being locked up in a pressurized chamber? I don’t want to know how you felt, but I’m sure now that you have kids then the story is inevitably different. You clearly want your infants to enjoy the trip and you want the whole world to cooperate towards that goal. This means all the people who are providing you services must understand that traveling with children is not an easy task, and you need extra help.

Worry not, you are going to Spain!

If you are unfamiliar with this Southern European country, you might find upon arrival that it is a very child-friendly country. In fact, despite the ongoing economic crisis, Spain was the second best country in the world for a child to live in 2012 according to Save The Children. This study was based on several factors, such as education, health, and nutrition, but it is no secret that holidaymakers find Spanish culture particularly affable with children.

This could be explained by our family-oriented culture. Go out to a restaurant any summer night and you are likely to find families with children dining and spending time together after 10 or even later.

I particularly remember a fiesta night in a massive car park in Northern Spain; it was after midnight, and a young couple was dancing like maniacs with their 5-year daughter. I had been living abroad for some years so it did strike me particularly.

Not only the culture itself, but most restaurants and other services are child-friendly (in fact, as a Spaniard living in England, kid-friendly is a concept I discovered only when I moved here).


Adults tend to be more playful and touchier with kids than in other European countries. I believe this might be awkward from the Northern-European point of view, but it is just something our cultural norms allow.

Onacar is friendly with kids

We want to show the world Spain is the perfect family destination, and we are committed to make your holiday a landmark of your life by being friendly and very considerate when we transport your children in our vehicles.

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